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Extracurricular Opportunity: Neurotechnology: Bridging the Gap between Mind and Machine

The NeuroPolicy Affinity Group invites you to attend
Neurotechnology: Bridging the Gap Between Mind and Machine
Presented by Justin Sanchez, PhD
 Office Director of the Biological Technologies Office, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
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When: Tuesday, June 20 from 6:30pm-8pm
Where: Revelle Room, AAAS Headquarters
1200 New York Ave NW
Please RSVP to this event here.
The electro-chemical pulses of neurons and the digital ones and zeros of computers both convey information, but in very different ways. DARPA’s innovations in neurotechnology are opening the possibility of real-time, seamless translation between our brains and our machines and devices-in limited fashion for now, but in ways that seem destined to change the way we solve complex problems and transform how we live, work, and engage with each other and with the world. Dr. Justin C. Sanchez will discuss DARPA’s current investments in neural interfaces and related technologies, laying out the ground truth of what is currently possible, explaining how neurotechnology can be applied to national security, sharing visions of what people might accomplish with their brains in a symbiotic future, and challenging audience members to begin thinking about the ethical, legal, and policy issues that emerging neurotechnologies are sure to raise.
Laura M. Skipper-Kallal
AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow
assigned to the National Science Foundation, CISE directorate

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