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NEW CLASS: Intro to Circuits and Programming (Python)

Teacher: Mr. Neil Jacob      Thursdays 11-12:30pm

Tuition: $285 (one semester long), $10 supply fee

This class is for 6th grade and above. This is a once a week, one semester course offered once during the school year (Spring semester). It is a hands on, project based course with minimal work outside the classroom. This course is an introduction to basic electrical engineering and computer programming principles, taught with Arduino. Students will learn the basics of electrical current, electrical elements, and how to program the Arduino with C as a control unit for a variety of tasks ranging from lighting up LEDs to detecting water levels. Parents are welcome to sit in on the class.

Prerequisites: No Algebra 1 is required, but a computer is required for the class.

Materials: Students must purchase a kit that will be used during the class. There is a $10 supply fee. Further questions about the content of the class can be addressed to njacob@gmu.edu, while questions about the time or tuition should go to nova.starsloveslearning@gmail.com

Class Schedules 2013-2014

Note: While these schedules are current as of this posting, they are still subject to change as we plan out next year’s classes. Please contact Anne-Marie Mingo for the most current information.

—schedules updated April 4th—

—schedules updated April 3rd—

Our schedule of Tuesday classes can be seen here: Tuesday Class Schedule PDF.

Our schedule of Thursday classes can be seen here: Thursday Class Schedule PDF.

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