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Elementary History 3rd-6th



We will use Story of the World to study the The Middle Ages (400 – 1600). Picking up right after Story of the World Volume 1, we will dig deep into history from the fall of Rome to the Renaissance. We will combine fun activities as we read through the wonderful storytelling of Susan Wise Bauer. Students will need a copy of the Story of the World Volume 2 (2nd edition) textbook and student workbook. Although not required, the cd of the textbooks is also a wonderful way to experience this curriculum.


Middle School American History



 This course is in its early development as we see what the student needs are for next year. We have looked at a few curriculum, some literature based, and would need to decide to focus on early or modern American History. Please let us know if this is a class your family would like to see developed. We welcome your input!


Special Topics in Science: History of  Medicine

Taught by Priscilla Rosario

This survey course will review some of the historical developments in the field of medicine. Students will learn to think critically about the process of growing scientific knowledge and practice, paying attention to the role of historical context and worldview. Topics will include case studies of medicine as practiced in Ancient Egypt, Greece, Israel, and China; the Hippocratic Oath; the development of the hospital; history of cancer; attitudes towards disability, and more. Assignments will include a biography of a significant figure in medicine, a critical book review, and a research paper, poster, or presentation for the final. Class will be seminar style and discussion based. Ideal for students interested in pre-health college degree tracks (a. k. a. pre-med)!

Contact priscilla.t.rosario@gmail.com for more information, including course syllabus, suggested ways to count for credit on transcript, etc.

American History (Junior High/Middle School)

Mrs. Victoria Rose 

United States History (3rd ed.) recounts the story of our nation’s history from its discovery and colonization up to the present day. Special attention is given to God’s providence and America’s Christian heritage. This high school level history textbook is presented in an engaging narrative style and seeks to bring United States history to life. Activities workbook and teacher’s manual also required.

Textbook: American History, 3rd Edition, Bob Jones Press

American History (High School)

Mr. Bowen Rose 

American Republic Student Text (3rd ed.) unfolds the history of the United States through richly detailed narrative and a colorful, engaging presentation. Starting with the discovery of the New World, the text traces the path of American history up to the present day. In addition to a historical account, American Republicdemonstrates the distinctiveness of American values and government, and emphasizes the importance of understanding and appreciating United States history.  Activities workbook and teacher’s manual also required.

Textbook: US History, 3rd Edition, Bob Jones Press

Government & Economics 

Mrs. Victoria Rose 

We use Declaration Statesmanship (Ferrier & Seeley), Economics: Work & Prosperity by A Beka, Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt, and Whatever Happened to Penny Candy.

The first half of the course is spent studying American Government. Declaration Statesmanship looks at the formation and evolution of the American Government through the ‘Declaration Principles’. The Declaration Statesmanship course includes quizzes, tests, and answers keys for the quizzes and tests. We also include essay topics to provide the student with writing practice.

The second half of the course is spent studying Economics. The texts provide a clear account of the principles of Economics, both practically and theoretically. The student also writes weekly essays on economics throughout the second half of the course.

Textbooks: Government – “Declaration Statemanship” set,  available on Amazon or from Emmanuel Books. Economics – Economics: Work and Prosperity by Russel Kirk, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy? by Richard J. Maybury, and Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt.

World History 

Mr. Bowen Rose 

World History, 4th edition, BJU press, recounts the story of mankind from creation to the present. Students examine ancient civilizations through the Greeks to the Roman Empire. Then they survey India, Asia, and Africa on their way to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the Reformation, upon which modern history is founded. They are challenged to discover the forces, issues, people, and movements that have shaped our modern world. God’s providence and Bible integration are given prominence as the students are taught to view the world through a Christian lens.

Textbook: World History 4th edition, Bob Jones Press 

Tests & Answer Keys



Mr. Bowen Rose

Memoria Press – Geography III solidifies the mapping skills learned in Geography I and II (neither of which are prerequisites – we will introduce these mapping skills as well), and also requires students to label major landforms and topography. Students will study the climate, recent history, culture, and religion of every continent. This text has many illustrations of famous landmarks, architecture, and people from around the world, and the workbook requires students to practice mapwork weekly. In addition to labeling maps, students will learn to freehand-draw each continent using the Robinson Map Project. This is a thorough world geography course.

Memoria Press – Geography III Set

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