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Foreign Languages

Elementary Spanish

Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Tutor: Mrs. Lixandra Rosario

Class held twice a week: Tuesdays and Thursdays

This course continues the study of basic thematic vocabulary and grammatical principles of the Spanish language already learned in Spanish 1. We continue to study all seven parts of speech: nouns and their articles, object pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, and the most commonly used verbs in their infinitive and participle forms. Students are introduced to stem-changing and reflexive verbs, formal and informal commands, and more verb conjugations (past tense, imperfect preterite, present perfect and present subjunctive).

Coursework consists of weekly quizzes, daily homework (including the study of audio-visual presentations and oral practice), chapter tests, oral evaluations, and class participation. Homework include online language labs with repeat-after exercises to be completed on a daily basis. In-class lessons include audio-visual presentations and student participation is expected. A reader primer is introduced in the fall semester.

Course materials include:

Spanish is Fun, Book 2, textbook (Student Edition Softcover, ISBN 978-162974670-8) and companion workbook (ISBN 978-162974665-4), both available HERE. Each student needs a 1″ binder to store weekly handouts, quizzes, and tests.

Weekly class content reviews and videos are posted on the class webpage to aid both students and parents keep up with class discussion. These presentations are meant to be played by students at home on a daily basis to practice their pronunciation and train their ear. They are not meant to take the place of class attendance. Handouts and homework assignments are provided and tailored to students needs. The books indicated above are used as an important resource, but they are certainly not our only resource. We’ll be pulling from many sources as we see fit. All class materials (except copyrighted textbook and workbook lessons) will be available online on our class website https://semuchoespanol.wordpress.com.

Memory-intensive homework is assigned for five days a week.This is a very dynamic class and students are expected to be prepared for in-class discussion and participation every time.

Students need to have internet access and a reliable email account to send and receive coursework and to communicate with the tutor. Since our students are educated at home, all communications with the tutor via phone, text, or email is to be conducted in Spanish whenever possible and can be considered “homework material.” Students equipped with smart phones will receive weekly text messages with relevant content in Spanish and will be asked to reply in Spanish to the best of their ability to further enhance their learning experience.

In the spring semester, students will write blog posts to be published on our class website along with Spanish 3 students who will join in the conversation.

See the class syllabus HERE. Our class website is still being updated in preparation for the new school year.

Students who successfully complete this course (or its equivalent) may enroll in STARS Spanish 3 upon passing the Spanish 3 placement test with a minimum score of 85% and an interview with the tutor. A study guide is available to prepare for both the test and the interview upon request. Be encouraged in heart (Colossians 2:2)!!!

Contact Mrs. Rosario at nova.starsloveslearning@gmail.com for more information.

Spanish 3

Italian 1

Italian 2

Italian 3

Russian 2

Tutor: Oksana Swafford   This year of study will enable student to continue to acquire proficiency in Russian through a linguistic, communicative, and cultural approach to language learning. Emphasis is placed on development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills and on acquisition of applied grammar.

Required Materials:

  • Golosa 4th Edition Textbook (See HERE)
  • Golosa 4th Edition The Student Activity Manual (See HERE)

ASL Elementary (Up to Grade 6)

Students will learn basic ASL signs and grammar and how to carry on simple conversations. Themes will include the ASL Alphabet, Family, Food/Drinks, Emotions, Colors, Animals, Numbers, Clothing, Places, Holidays, Weather, Seasons, and so on.  The students will learn and develop receptive (listening) and expressive skills including facial expressions as well as the basic aspects of Deaf Culture through use of dialogue, classroom/interactive activities, media, and materials.

ASL 1 (Grades 7 through 12)

ASL 1 will focus on learning and developing expressive and receptive skills in American Sign Language and will provide an introduction to American Deaf culture throughout the year.  The curriculum includes the use and application of lessons in Units 1-3 in the Signing Naturally Units 1-6 workbook & DVD, which introduces key grammar structure, vocabulary, fingerspelling, numbers, and cultural awareness information related to the Deaf Community.  The students will learn and develop receptive (listening) and expressive skills (Including facial expressions) as well as the basic aspects of Deaf Culture through use of dialogue, classroom activities, media, and materials in class and outside of class.  The curriculum and the lessons are designed to meet the five areas of Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities outlined by ACTFL.    *Note: Units 4-6 is covered in the second year (ASL 2) so the book can be used for 2 years.  

Textbook: Signing Naturally: Student Workbook, Units 1-6 (Book & DVD), ISBN-13: 978-1581212105, ISBN-10: 9781581212105   (Available through Amazon or Dawn Sign Press Inc.)

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