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Testimonials and Photo Gallery

We found STARS in 2008; our daughter signed on for algebra and guitar. Today, as a college graduate (cum laude, University of Mary Washington) she looks back and says that the instruction she received was excellent: private tutoring of the highest quality. Our son has attended STARS since 2013 (as a 7th grader) and says his teachers (Mrs. Rosario and Mrs. Rose) are “always very helpful and there for me whenever I have a question or problem.” We are so thankful for STARS. Superb teachers with high academic standards in a caring & friendly setting = a rare and wonderful thing. Highly recommend. –V. R.

I am so grateful that we found STARS. Our son was a stressed, moody, unhappy teenager in public middle school and we dreaded how the stress of high school would further affect his moods. Now, he is happy and loves to learn again. His biology teacher is encouraging my son’s love of science and medicine. We have the most amazing conversations at home again now that the stress is gone. There are no more arguments about homework and studying. He wants to do his homework! Thank you to STARS and to all the wonderful teachers at STARS. We have found the high school that fits our son’s needs! –R. H.

Linked here are pictures from STARS classes and student activities, including extracurricular opportunities in both Washington D.C. and elsewhere.

Below are some colleges STARS alumni attend. Zoom out for colleges further away from the D.C. region. Click and hover to see the majors chosen and more information.

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