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Regarding Our 2020 – 2021 Class Schedule

Returning STARS families will recall that this time of the year we enter an exciting time of preparing a class schedule that maximizes the availability of our tutors and accommodates as many dynamic student/family schedules as possible.

Traditionally, the class schedule has been posted for comments which generates several “what ifs” which we then consider before opening registration. We try to open registration on July 1.

This year’s unique changing COVID-19 situation has caused most of us added scheduling concerns. Please read the following statement to appreciate the level of flux more fully in this year’s scheduling process.

PLAN A – STARS is pressing on with an optimistic mindset that assumes whatever “phase” the Commonwealth will be in on the first day of classes physical classroom attendance will be possible. STARS will adhere to required social distancing, and face mask directives and honor recommended directives wherever possible. To provide for families concerned with physical class attendance, when possible and with the support of a dedicated volunteer parent, live streaming of classes via Zoom will be provided.

PLAN B – If after efficient schedule revisions we are prohibited from meeting physically, STARS will use the lessons learned from the end of our last academic year and revert to near total Zoom conferencing techniques.

Please review the 2020 – 2021 Class Schedule , which has been updated to reflect initial interests you provided in the accompanying survey. The Tuition Table has also been updated and appears beneath the schedule. The Registration Form is in final stages of prep and will be posted very soon.

Thank you for your patience to date and hoping this information permits you to continue planning your homeschooling for 2020 – 2021,

The STARS Volunteers

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