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Masami & David Plitnik

Masami & DavidKonnichiwa!

Masami and David are the co-teachers of STARS Japanese.

Masami is a native speaker of Japanese, has experienced life in many countries, and has worked in the customer service field. She has an intuitive sense of what people are trying to say, which has helped her a great deal in her travels and in her work. Through her unique experiences, she has acquired a deeper understanding of other cultures. She can also sense with great accuracy when a translation has not captured the nuances of its original.

David is a native speaker of English, and lived for twenty years in Japan, where he learned to speak the Japanese language fluently, before coming back to the U.S. He is more “left-brain,” and is skilled at the structural analysis of language. He can answer almost any question about the grammar of either Japanese or English. He has been teaching for over 25 years. He also speaks French and Latin.

Together, Masami and David balance each other. Their goal is to teach not only language, but also cross-cultural communication.

Masami and David are both bookworms. Masami also loves music, and David loves anime.

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