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Mr. James Manship

Tutor for: American History (High School), American History (Junior High)

1966 Wrote a 168 page school paper on War Between The States in 7th Grade, age 12. Early indicator of “created to be an Historian”.
1967 Earned Eagle Scout (at age 13), skipped sophomore year (1968).
1969 & 1970 Page in Georgia Legislature, Honor Council chairman
1970 Won Navy ROTC Scholarship (at age 16), top Freshman Midshipman (at age 17)
1972 Elected Senator at Auburn University; student spokesman with college President
1973 Appointed Student Government Director of Legal Aid and Ombudsman
1973 Wrote Auburn University “Student Rights and Responsiblities Handbook”;
wrote essay for college text published by University Press of America.
1974 Elected Senator & Parliamentarian, Summer Term. Commissioned Ensign, USN
1979 Navy shoulder injury & surgery, selected for Special Duty, Cryptology

1981 For Senator Tower, studied history of Military Pay Scale back to 1929, redesigned pay scale
1981 Designed C.R.A.B.G.R.A.S.S. grassroots campaign management computer system
1982 Campaign Manager for Congress, Florida 1st District
1983 Rewrote Voting Machine instructions for Write-In Voting, adopted state-wide.
1983-1984 Selected for the LEADERSHIP PENSACOLA program.
1983-1985 Commanding Officer of Crypto Reserve Unit that won National competition
1985-1986 Nominated for White House Fellowship, endorsed by Admirals
1986 White House Fellowship Policy Proposal to better fight Drug War; history of ‘Posse Comitatus’ law

1989-1990 American Defense Institute “Defend America: VOTE!” program director/theme creator – absentee voter campaign for increased military voting participation, scripted VOTER Public Service Announcements
1990 As a Private Pilot who has flown overwater to the Bahamas, was witness before Congress Coast Guard sub-committee on Bill to allow shoot-down of Drug Smuggler Aircraft; coordinated other witnesses, Col. Tracy and Gen. Sumner.

1998 Appointed to Mount Vernon Board of Visitors by Governor Gilmore.
2000 Traveled over 30,000 miles in 5 months during election season, received over 30 news articles and photos.
2001 Patrick Henry Award for Outstanding Service from Governor Jim Gilmore
2005 to 2012 Political Fundraiser speaker for many different candidates

2005 First book on George Washington “Prayer Warrior Washington”
2007 Rejoined Civil Air Patrol, Public Affairs Officer, promoted to Major
2008 Second book on George Washington “A Civil Air for America”
2008 Promoted State of Maryland 225th anniversary of resignation of General Washington

2010 Third book “Second to None: America’s Washington”
2010 Featured in New York Times article on 6 November
2011 On C-SPAN as Press Conference speaker
2012 Featured in LIFE magazine annual best photos edition

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