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Mac Ogilvie

Tutor for: Algebra I and Algebra II

Mr. Mac Ogilvie, Naval Academy class of ’68, is a retired Marine colonel, and veteran high school Algebra teacher who has taught at STARS for six years. He provides a brief history below:

1964 – Graduated high School – National Honor Society

1968 – Graduated U. S. Naval Academy

1968 – 1994 – U.S. Marine Corps (26 years)

1978 – Headed section at the Marine Corps Institute which developed engineering correspondence courses. Headed the group that developed the Marine Corps’ Essential Subjects Handbook, the first performance oriented instruction manual.

1980 – Received Masters in Operations Research at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

1994 – 2006 – Taught Math 7, Math 8 and Algebra at Thoreau Middle School (principal –Bruce Oliver –now retired) and Cooper Middle School (Bernard Gross – now retired and Arlene Randall- current principal -703 442-5800). Served as the Math Department Chair during last two school years.

1995 – present

Coached boys JV lacrosse at Madison High School for one year while at Thoreau and for the last 17 years at Langley High School under head coach Earl Brewer 703 303-4968.

Run the Fall Boys Youth Lacrosse Program for the McLean Youth Club (3 years) and Great Falls Youth Lacrosse. This runs for three hours on seven Saturdays and involves about 100 youth players.

Director of Operations for a boys’ lacrosse boys camp with Earl Brewer (last 16 years)

Served as a St Bernadettes’s contractor in 2008 and 2009 at the Diocese work camps.

Wife Trudy and four grown children

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