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Lixandra Rosario

Tutor for: Elementary and Middle School Spanish, High School Spanish  I, Spanish II, Spanish III and Spanish IV; Special Topics in Scriptureimage001

A native Spanish speaker from San Juan, Puerto Rico, with a background in business, architecture, world history, and biblical theology, Lixandra Rosario lived in her native country for 21 years, where she was formally educated in the Spanish language (including Spanish grammar, Spanish composition, and Spanish literature courses) before permanently moving to the mainland US.

Inspired by her experience working with students at all levels, especially at STARS, she is currently developing her own Spanish language curriculum for non-native speakers to contribute to the home education community. Mrs. Rosario has taught Spanish language enrichment classes for Fairfax County Public Schools, Classical Conversations of Alexandria, and Skye Chase Academy in Alexandria, Virginia. She joined STARS in 2010, teaching Spanish language courses at all levels (Intro to Spanish and Spanish I-IV). She maintains a website with homework notes and updates for her STARS Spanish students at http://starsspanish.wordpress.com

Mrs. Rosario’s passion for history and curriculum design has found application in developing another high-school level curriculum, this time in history and biblical literacy, currently in progress. She has been a guest lecturer to students in the College of Arts and Sciences at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, on “The Principles of Design & Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.” She also served as Adult Faith Formation minister for 2.5 years for the Joint-Base Anacostia-Bolling Catholic Community in Washington, D. C., and currently leads teen and adult bible studies for De Novo, the official homeschooling community outreach arm of the Archdiocese of Arlington, Virginia. Her blog, CovenantandandTypology.com, is launching in the fall of 2019. Mrs. Rosario is gearing up to start graduate studies leading up to an M.A. in Theology with a concentration in Scripture Studies at Christendom College, Front Royal, Virginia, in 2019.

As an Air Force wife and mother with 20+ years of homeschooling experience under her belt, she understands the joys and challenges of home education and is honored to have served as the commencement speaker for the STARS Graduating Class of 2017. 

To get in touch with her contact nova.starsloveslearning@gmail.com.

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