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Inge Sydnor

Tutor for: German I, German II, German III, Christian History

Ingeborg (‘Inga’) Sydnor comes to us from Stuttgart, Germany.  Born and raised in Germany, she is a native German speaker and teaches High German without any dialect.

Inge graduated with Honors from Business College (2 yrs)in Stuttgart, when she was hired by a German Caviar Company in Manhattan, NY, as Assistant Office Manager for a 2-yr stint.  Upon her return to Germany, she enrolled in the Private Language Institute in Stuttgart, Germany, equivalent to four years of college, from which she graduated as a state-board certified Commercial Correspondent and Translator for German and English in her home-state as well as in the state of Hesse.  Her majors were Political Science and Economics, and the Bible.

While in the workforce as Bilingual Secretary for Dow Chemical and Gleason Works in Stuttgart, she was snatched up by 1st Lt. Bruce A. Sydnor, married and moved to Alabama, Virginia and Washington state.  After two more tours in Germany (Bavaria) she returned in 1997 and settled in VA.

Inge home schooled her daughter, Audrey,  from 4-8th grades.  She has taught German at STARS for three years.

Inge is also proficient in French, has some knowledge of Italian and Hungarian.

Her interests are still languages, politics, but mostly Bible from cover to cover.

Her hobbies are: Studying the Bible, reading & research, gardening, herbal healing, cooking, sewing, piano and her two Border Collies.

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