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Priscilla Rosario

Priscilla Rosario Bio Picture FINALPriscilla Rosario is a STARS alumna from the class of 2015. Recently graduated with a B.A. in Medical Humanities from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, she is in Virginia for a gap year while preparing to apply to graduate school. Her scholarly research interests include body image, child development, leadership, and the history and philosophy of science. Her professional work experiences before becoming a student at Baylor included managing a national STEM outreach program for middle school and high school students, leading science workshops at the elementary level for several different homeschool enrichment programs, and working for a Developmental Optometry practice in functional vision rehabilitation. She is pursuing board certification in the latter role this coming year. Priscilla is also working on preparing several projects for formal publication in the spring and summer of next year on physical disability and body image.

In her leisure time, Priscilla enjoys podcasts, dancing, hiking, writing to her many pen-pals, exploring rural areas, and flying to visit friends now scattered across the US. She loves questions, children, and her Christian faith.


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